Name: Xolani November
Nickname: X or P.S
Birthday: 17 April
Person: I'm quite serious & religious
Idols: My mother because she raised me as a single parent. She was a father to me when no one else was.  She is a very strong woman.
Dislikes: People who do stupid things to impress others! I also get annoyed when people sing wrong notes!
Favourites -
Sins of the Gun, Madluphuthu
Artists / Album
: Il Divo, My Way
Food: Eggs, Chicken, Pap & Milk, Samp
Drink: Stoney & 5 Alive
:  I would love to be like my mother.  My mother is my inspiration, as she is such a hard working person.
My Background: I was born in Cape Town and have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.  We were raised by a single parent in KTC Nyanga. 
What I enjoy most about singing: Music is my life.  I like the fact that I heal people when I'm on stage because music really heals the spirit and it's a universal language. Even if you don't know what I'm singing about, you can feel something.


Name: Loyiso Dlova
Nickname: Nomloyi
Birthday: 25 February
Person: Talkative person and loves to laugh, easy going & loves meeting new people!
Idols: My mother, sister & friends, and - of course - the legendary Three Tenors: Pavarotti, Domingo & Carreras!
Dislikes: Crime and poor stage sound.
Favourites -
Shooter, Love Does Not Cost a Thing, Saw, Ityala Lamawele, Gladiator 
Artists / Album
: Il Divo, Ringo
Food: Pasta & Braai!
Drink: Stoney
: I'd like to see my self performing on big stages with well known artists and give back to my community.  Having my own stable income is one of my priorities.
My Background: I grew up on the streets of Gugulethu, living with my mother and sister in a two room house.  I only discovered my voice it when I was in high school and sang for the choir, and we then formed our own group.
What I enjoy most about singing: Doing what I love - performing for different people everyday and touching people's souls who appreciate what I'm doing when I'm on stage.

Name: Mpendulo Yawa
Nickname: Nampe
Birthday: 24 September
Person: Serious and down to earth.  I like to give and receive advice.  I like jokes!
Idols: My sister, mother and Jesus are my idols.  I also admire all my family, high school choir conductor, my group members and not forgetting Luciano Pavarotti! Dislikes: Generally I hate crime, liars and racism. In performances I don't like poor sound or discord, shortage of mics and or small stage!
Favourites -
Myaka-nyaka, First of the Legend, Mr Bean, Millenium Menace and Gatvol
Artists / Album
: Bala Brothers, Sylvia, Ac capella co, Rescue Me, Il Divo
Food: Pasta, Cheese, vegetables, fruit, hake, & cakes
Drink: Apple & Grapetiser
: In everything I do I always strive for the best, and I would love to see myself singing to big crowds all over the world.  In all I do, I pray for success so that I can also have and support my own family one day.
My Background: I come from Section 2, and I'm from a musical family that is full of love for others.  In Gugs I made a lot of friends in all sections because of soccer, pool and music.
What I enjoy most about singing:  It is to share this beautiful gift I have with others. And when people compliment me I get on top of the World!


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